Spilling the HYTea: A Much-Awaited Comeback Has Occurred

Until November of 2021, the last official post the watch world saw added to the feed of the HYT watches Instagram page had been on Christmas day of 2020. There had been chatter amongst those in the industry that the brand would be closing its doors – even for just a little while – in order to rethink their future and regroup, overall. For those who believed in and partnered with the brand over years, it was a sad moment. For those who owned HYT novelties, there came a bit of anxiety. But HYT promised they’d be back. And recently, they delivered on that promise.

It was at the 2021 edition of Dubai Watch Week that the whispers started happening. “Did you hear that HYT is back?” “I just saw Carla! Did you see Carla?” And of course, the loudest whisper of them all…

“Did you hear that Davide Cerrato is now CEO and Creative Director at HYT???”


Davide Cerrato - CEO and Creative Director at HYT

Davide Cerrato - CEO and Creative Director at HYT

Making Change

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is quoted as saying the following: Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.

One of the major changes – aside from the overall appearance of the newest HYT in comparison to the previous models – was the change in leadership. While former CEO (and master black turtleneck wearer) Gregory Dourde is now full-time at Preciflex, the new CEO position has now been occupied by former Managing Director at Montblanc watches, Davide Cerrato, who will also be wearing a second hat as the brand’s Creative Director. As stated in a release put out by the brand, Mr. Cerrato is said to be, “particularly excited to be able to express his creative inspirations freely.”


HYT H1.0 new launch

HYT H1.0 new launch

New Measurements/New Mechanics

HYT launched their new Mission HASTROID watch in January and to say that the brand changed direction from a design standpoint would be the understatement of the year. While its diameter is on par with, let’s say the HYT H1.0 (48mm vs. 48.8mm), it’s the case thickness where we see the most difference. The older H1.0 by HYT had a case thickness (or, height, if you will) of just over 20mm, while the Mission Hastroid is holding strong at 13.3mm thick. This is what the brand feels was what enthusiasts had been asking for, and they set out to deliver, in more ways than one.

Any fan of HYT is well aware that their use of liquid as a way to tell time was an homage to the ancient Egyptian water clocks known as a “clepsydra.” The latest novelty doesn’t remove what HYT was most known for, but rather adds to the concept using a calibre which was designed by master watchmaker, Eric Coudray. According to the brand’s statement, “under his (Mr. Coudray’s) guidance, and with the assistance of the watchmaker Paul Clementy, Prix Gaïa award winner, and Arnaud Faivre, at the head of the Tec Group, the movement has developed a finer aesthetic and finish, with elegant satin finish or laser-treated or bead-blasted parts.” In short, the new leadership at HYT feels the Mission Hastroid is easier to wear, easier to read, and will be a perfect introduction to a company that has reinvented itself with a little bit of… time.


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