Grinding Gears: New Year's Resolutions Around the Watch World

Everyone at Grinding Gears HQ knows that January is a slow time for watch news, as everyone's either still on holiday or wishing they were as they stare into the void that is 2024. In the spirit of phoning it in, we've decided to dust off an evergreen story and look at New Year's Resolutions in the watch world. Our humble intern has scrolled through Daddy's contact list and messaged a handful of the most important watch collectors and industry figures, and asked them what they vow to do in 2024. The answers are as surprising as they are revealing.


"This year, I'm committing to giving back to our loyal customers. So with the extra revenue we'll have from our across-the-board 19% price increase, we're going to hire an external communications agency to send even more personalised correspondence to our valued clients. If you've ever stepped foot into one of our boutiques, you can expect at least seven emails a week, which we're sure people will really appreciate."


Ali Ayad, Head of Corporate Communications

"One of the biggest trends in watches in 2024 will be the return of a 1990s aesthetic. And at our brand, we are determined to be at the head of this trend, so I am investing a significant amount of our R&D budget into a disruptive take on the traditional timepiece — an oversize clock-style piece worn around the neck that we have codenames Project Flavour."


Jacqueline Smith, Chief Watch Designer


"In the last few years I've been spending a lot of time in Silicon Valley and become close to the guy who used to be the Futurist at Theranos. They've worked out that analogue watch design will become irrelevant in 2025, as Rolex will go out of business. So I'm getting ahead of the curve and divesting the collection I've spent the last 25 years curating. Do you know anyone who wants a Crash?"


Guy de Pomme de Terre, noted watch connoisseur and collector


"I believe that you should always be learning; that is why, this year, I'm going to take some online lessons in watchmaking. I might even get around to reading that copy of Watchmaking by George Daniels that's gathering dust on my bookshelf. In my position, I haven't had the time to do more than open a caseback in the last few years, so it will be nice to get back to the lessons I learned at WOSTEP."


Huge d'Ego, Head of Complications

"From a professional perspective, I've spent most of my career mindlessly writing about whatever watch brand or retailer happens to be cutting the biggest cheques. This year, I'm sticking to the corporate watch media and being truly independent, telling the real truth about watches, with no BS."


Julian Gears, Former editor or, current freelancer


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