Grinding Gears: The Hottest Horological Gossip of DWW

There's been plenty of news coverage of Dubai Watch Week 2023 — which has been widely regarded as a massive success. However, here at Grinding Gears, we've noticed that the mainstream watch media stories have focused only on the 'official' news, which is no fun at all. The Grinding Gears team has raked through the hottest and juiciest stories of Dubai Watch Week heard through entirely unsubstantiated sources.

Talk about Power Reserve!

It's no secret that while Dubai Watch Week featured a packed schedule of lectures, debates and watch unveilings, the social schedule was equally important, so much so that for many, DWW only began when the sun was down. We knew that watchmakers liked to unwind, but we were surprised to see one of the industry's elder statesmen, famed both for his love of 'simplicity' in watches, as well as bold suits, party until the date wheel ticked over, every night of the week.

Sartorial elegance

Speaking of bold suits, one DWW regular, an erudite author, journalist and watch collector, known for his appreciation of fine tailoring and statement glasses, surprised many by showing up to one event in a Gucci tracksuit, when quizzed on this out-of-character choice of attire, responded with; "you know, it's just too hot for tailoring." It should be noted that he was still wearing a unique piece from Cartier.

Stormy Weather

Sources close to Grinding Gears have seen a draft document written by one of the more prominent watch brands in Geneva, threatening legal action against "all clouds, rain-bearing and non, for damages and interruptions to trade caused by unplanned precipitation in the Dubai region on the 18th of November, 2023." At the time of reporting, it is unknown whether or not the clouds have responded to this legal action.

Secret DJ sets

Word on the street is that the most exclusive event of Dubai Watch Week wasn't featured on any official schedule, but, when every other brand display was powering down for the night, guests could be seen sneaking — one or two at a time — into the back door of this brand booth. The unwritten rules of secret parties forbid GG from disclosing the location, but it's safe to say that Freak by Doja Cat and Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott featured prominently on DJ Ludwig's setlist. Sadly, no Grinding Gears correspondents were cool enough to be on the list.


Finally, the Grinding Gears legal department has repeatedly mentioned words like 'defamation' and 'slander', so they've made it crystal clear that we have to say that all these items are for entertainment purposes only and absolutely totally not true. Honestly.


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