Fun for all the family at Dubai Watch Week

Everyone's love affair with fine timepieces started somewhere. Perhaps with a precious heirloom being passed onto the next generation, or maybe that initial interest was sparked walking past the glittering displays of a boutique, or scrolling social media. There's even a chance that the next generation could discover the allure of horology at Dubai Watch Week, as there's plenty to discover and explore for the whole family.

Younger guests can discover the artistic side of time at dedicated exhibitions, like the M.A.D Gallery, which promises to offer an exploration of how time and kinetic art interact. There's also plenty of food and entertainment on offer to suit a range of tastes. Beyond all this, Dubai Watch Week has carefully curated a program of events and experiences suitable for everyone — including people just starting out in the hobby.


There are a number of interactive masterclasses well suited for younger participants. Crafting Watch Accessories allows children and families to explore the cooperative art of beadwork by creating beadwork in colorful patterns that can be attached to a watch. There will also be instant photography on hand so participants can take a snap and attach their photos to their watches. This session is run by The Sewing House, which has been running craft-based workshops since 2016.

One part of Dubai Watch Week that families won't want to miss is Christie's, who are back once more with a series of events and discussions covering not just watches, but also art and real estate. Crucially, they're also running an event for 7 to 14-year-olds called The Kids Auction, which allows younger watch fans to experience how the auction process works, and gives them a chance to bid for exclusive gifts in the process.


Dubai Watch Week is host to over 60 exhibiting brands, and while any one of them might be the one that sparks a fire in the heart of a younger audience, two independent watchmakers in particular have a playful spirit. Make friends with MB&F, a brand guided by founder Max Büsser's philosophy of 'a creative adult is a child who survived' — expect to see timekeeping creations inspired by spaceships, aliens and robots. Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin introduced the world to his Wristmons in 2017, and since then has made dozens of colorful, creative character watches, representing everything from jokers to mythical creatures and even the lovable minions. Who knows if a new Wristmon will make its appearance at Dubai Watch Week?

With its mission to foster connection and celebrate watch culture, Dubai Watch Week is the perfect environment for younger fans to explore, experience and discover the culture of horology.


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