Founded in 1822, Maison BOVET met with immediate success. The Bovet brothers brought decorative arts (miniature painting, enameling, engraving, and gem-setting) to an unprecedented level of excellence, still unrivaled today. Over the past two decades, BOVET has set itself apart with its innovations, both technical and aesthetic. 
Mr. Pascal Raffy acquired the Maison with the aim of protecting and sustaining this treasure trove of expertise. Maison BOVET holds a unique place in watchmaking, with more than 40 awards and prizes received over the last 20 years. Moreover, BOVET’s ancestral, artisanal, traditional watchmaking also includes a keen sense of innovation demonstrated by the more than 17 patents filed since 2006.


“I am proud to be at the head of BOVET, and I look forward to the future.”


BOVET specializes in integrating métiers d’art into its timepiece, including elaborate hand-engraving of the case and movement, traditional enamel work, miniature-painting, incredible gem-setting and more.
Bespoke: The House is always willing to work with clients to create the timepiece of their dreams, whether that means adding engraved initials or a message all the way up to a complete one-off movement, case, and decorations, like the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail.
In 2022, BOVET will celebrate 200 years with a number of special events. 


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