Schwarz Etienne

Schwarz Etienne is a Swiss watch manufacturer whose origins date back to 1902 when Paul Arthur Schwarz and his wife Olga Etienne created the company in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel.

This family company originally created products for various brands in its possession, notably Venues, Alpha, Sultana le Phare and Austin. Throughout its history, Schwarz Etienne has sought to make watchmaking an art in constant evolution. 

During this period, Schwarz Etienne developed its own marque and distinct collections, gradually becoming recognised as a fully-fledged manufacturer, and one with trusted qualities: creativity, innovation and expertise.


SE is one of few companies to fully manufacture its movements & components


The next major change arrived in 2007, when a passionate local entrepreneur, Raffaello Radicchi, took over Schwarz Etienne heralding a concentration on the ambitions of the group towards manufacturing collections of exceptional watches. 

Through its release of exclusive models, embodied in prestigious collections and the creation of new timepieces, Schwarz Etienne offers a perfect synthesis between tradition and modernity. In respect of this vision, Schwarz Etienne ensures complete control of component assembly, a flawless technical process and unique know-how.

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