REBELLION was started in 2007 in Geneva by Alexandre Pesci, an entrepreneur fascinated by timepieces, high-performance cars and motorsport. When he became Chairman and CEO of his family’s firm LEMO, the world leader in the design and manufacture of precision connectors, he realized that all the necessary skills for watchmaking and mechanical engineering were right there in the family business.

His next step was to set up REBELLION Corporation and appoint Calim Bouhadra as CEO. There were three entities within REBELLION:
REBELLION Timepieces

All three continue to uphold REBELLION’s values of Passion, Perfection and Performance, tirelessly endeavouring to achieve ever-greater success, and boldly going where no one expected them to go.


Motorsport has a taste for adrenaline and performance – REBELLION’s DNA!


REBELLION Timepieces is a unique player in the world of Swiss watchmaking. Passion, independence and a ‘no-compromise’ attitude sparked the company’s inception and continue to guide its development each passing day. Nothing is left out, or left to chance, in this watchmakers’ pursuit for extraordinary quality and performance. REBELLION Timepieces, with their bold design and limited series production, are designed for those who share the same ideals. Designed for the asserted individualists. The intense competitors. Those passionate about mechanical perfection.


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