Inspired by performance, precision and mechanical prowess, Purnell is doubling down on its philosophy of bringing more future than past to watchmaking.

Purnell has made its mark on the landscape of contemporary high watchmaking, not only with its unmistakable Spherion but also with a manufacturing process integrated locally in the Vallée de Joux all the way to the brand’s new headquarters on Rue du Rhône in Geneva, which includes a refined showroom to welcome clients. 

Purnell makes a vow to only create tourbillon movements. Celebrating 220 years of its creation, the tourbillon is a defining chapter in the story of watchmaking, and Purnell intends to make its Spherion an equally defining moment in the complication’s story.


The power of the Spherion is unrivalled, rotating in 8,16 & 30 seconds.


For this, the brand partnered with the Mozart of multi-axis tourbillons, Eric Coudray, winner of the 2012 Prix Gaïa and inventor of the Spherion and Double Spherion, the engine of the Escape Primo and Escape II collections. A world premiere, the Spherion is the world's fastest triple-axis tourbillon, each cage rotating in 8, 16, 30 seconds respectively.

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