Montres KF

KF surprises the world of Swiss Haute Horlogerie by its ability to tailor its creations so as to reflect its clients’ imagination. More than a philosophy, KF is the designer of your dreams through bespoke customisation.

It took a man, Karsten Frässdorf, a master watchmaker crazy and bold enough to view contemporary watchmaking from a new angle. In 2016, this breath of fresh air in the industry led to the creation of the brand bearing his initials (KF), soon followed by the development of the new Spirograph® balance. Driven by a counter-current vision, the brand takes customers as the starting point for all its watchmaking creations.

The KF philosophy is above all based on authentic expertise that dares to be modern while celebrating the past.


KF is the designer of your dreams through bespoke customisation.


KF believes in sharing a mutual madness, poised at the intersection between high-flying technicality and waking dreams, in order to shape the watchmaking landscape that it regards as the sum of individualities. This concept is expressed in a highly exclusive way, since each model is by definition unique in terms of both its design and its production methods. It is this “Atelier” spirit one discovers when visiting the brand located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of watchmaking and a city featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its watchmaking town planning.

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