Miki Eleta

Miki Eleta's complex timepieces are unique works of art, handcrafted in the tradition of the Swiss Haute Horlogerie. Driven by his fascination for time measurement, innovation and kinetic art, his desire to look for new technical challenges and unique emotional displays has no limits. 

Dubai Watch Week will display a GPHG nomination (www.gphg.org) and a “time-eating” world novelty.

How are my clocks created? Sketches show loosely connected thoughts, untreated brass and steel are on the table. Once gearwheels and levers fall into place for a first play, the mechanical and artistic possibilities begin to emerge. 

On this creative journey nothing is fixed. Many great inventions have been made in clock building. But who can measure all that which has not been discovered yet?


What exactly is a clock?


"The inexorable passing of time may be one of the reasons I only manufacture unique timepieces. My clocks can take a year to be created, sometimes involving an intensive exchange with my selected clientele in order to truly develop a bespoke piece of art combining the owners DNA with my know-how. Through its form, a clock can pass on something I experienced while creating it. It is the joy of precise movements, of sounds, of harmonic forms, and of the inexhaustible possibilities to answer one main question: what exactly is a clock?” Miki Eleta

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