Founded in 2005, MB&F – Maximilian Büsser & Friends – is an artistic and micro-engineering laboratory dedicated to creating radical concept watches by bringing together talented horological professionals. With almost 20 calibres forming the base of the acclaimed Horological and Legacy Machines, MB&F continues to follow Founder and Creative Director Max Büsser’s vision of creating 3-D kinetic art by deconstructing traditional watchmaking.

In 2007, MB&F unveiled its first Horological Machine – whose three-dimensional case and beautifully finished movement set the standard for the Machines that have followed. Horological Machines have since explored space, the sky, the road, the animal kingdom... always driven by the brand mantra, “A creative adult is a child who survived”.


A creative adult is a child who survived.


In 2011, MB&F launched its round-cased Legacy Machine collection. These more classical pieces – classical for MB&F, that is – pay tribute to nineteenth-century watchmaking excellence by reinterpreting complications from the great horological innovators of yesteryear to create contemporary objets d'art. MB&F generally alternates between launching contemporary, resolutely unconventional Horological Machines and historically inspired Legacy Machines.

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