Konstantin Chaykin

The Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture, founded in 2003 by Konstantin Chaykin, Russian inventor and watchmaker, is the only luxury watchmaking brand producing timepieces made exclusively in Russia. Konstantin Chaykin and his manufacture are renowned to watch connoisseurs around the world for their watchmaking art. Konstantin Chaykin brand’s is recognised by the global professional watchmaking community as one of the most creative and original in the world.

His global renown comes from inventions never before seen, such as timepieces with a Muslim calendar, with a moving image projector, with cosmic functions.
The real breakthrough for Konstantin Chaykin in haute horlogerie was the Joker watch with the dial as a face.


In Russia we’re raising a generation of our own world-class watchmakers.


Joker indicator
The regulator style dial with a disc-shaped hour and minute indicator and smiling moonphase indicator was invented and constructed by Konstantin Chaykin for his Joker watches and other models in the Wristmons collection.

Cosmic functions
For his Mars Conqueror Martian watch project Konstantin Chaykin developed a series of special functions and complications, designed for practical use by astronauts during both the spaceflight and the colonisation of other planets. This is a new class of functions for haute horlogerie, which he calls cosmic functions.

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