GoS was founded in 2007 and brought together the talents of master bladesmith, Johan Gustafsson and master watchmaker, Patrik Sjögren. The goal was to create fine timepieces inspired by Scandinavian history and nature and imbued with a high degree of hand craftsmanship.

Patrik Sjögren has extensive experience working 'at the bench', making a myriad of parts by hand, including crowns, dials, dial components, the brand's distinctive hands, as well as a variety of movement parts. The Swedish watchmaker painstakingly finishes parts of cases, dials and movements to a blemish-free, refined conclusion. 

Patrik gave masterclasses during Dubai Watch Week 2019 and was invited to become a member of the first edition of the GPHG Academy In 2020.


We are the only watch brand making our own Damascus steel


The new GoS collection Norrsken is named after the Northern Lights and captures the appearance of swirling green lights dancing across northern skies. 

The watch draws upon the expertise of various artisans and encompasses a choice of a Damascus steel dial or a hand-guilloché dial. A handblown index ring, formed of Swedish crystal, allows an extraordinary degree of luminescence to pass through its clear surface, flooding the dial with vivid colors tones that match the dial´s daylight color.

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