An object of incomparable design

Virtuoso Watchmaking  

The GNS1.2 won the highly coveted Mechanical Exception Prize @ the 2019 GPHG Awards. 10 years of research, 2 patent pending for inventions, and 3 years of development went into the making of this watch and its free-flowing time display. 

No dial, no hands. GENUS created an unprecedented way of telling time by opening a new chapter in the enduring story of watchmaking. Telling time becomes captivating, its fleeting quality all the more evident.

Thinking differently, combining creativity and singularity, leaving the beaten track, inventing instead of replicating, stretching the ingenious while ensuring precision, reliability, and wearability are the modern hallmarks of the brand.


GENUS: Avant-garde yet faithful to Haute Horlogerie traditions & principles


GENUS believes in small production numbers and places quality at the centre of the challenge, thereby assuring value. This expression of passion, artisanship, modern savoir-faire, and beauty in mechanical form, is for enthusiasts, amateurs, collectors - in short, true aficionados.

GENUS creations are adaptable. Certain aspects can be tailor-made or customized on request, according to personal wishes and taste.

We invite you to contact and visit us for a personalized presentation of the Collection highlights pictured in the Gallery below. Let’s continue the conversation!

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