F.P. Journe

Independent contemporary master watchmaker, François-Paul Journe has been creating haute horology timepieces for over 40 years. His historical knowledge and expertise led him to demonstrate a timeless consistency in research and innovation.

In a never-ending quest for perfection, at the crossroads between Arts and Haute Horology, F.P.Journe manufactures its movements in precious 18K rose gold, a unique characteristic of the brand. Engraved with the label Invenit et Fecit, they certify an integrated manufacture calibre, entirely invented and made in the workshops of F.P.Journe. It includes the creation and production of all its dials and watch cases which echo with the movement in perfect harmony.


F.P.Journe - Invenit et Fecit, entirely invented and manufactured in-house.


Using his historical heritage to serve its contemporary horological creations, F.P.Journe has given birth to new mechanisms endowed with unusual functions such as the Chronomètre à Résonance with its two beating mechanical hearts, the Tourbillon Souverain with remontoire and dead-beat second, the ultra slim Répétition Souveraine or the even further outstanding Astronomic Souveraine. These timepieces of watchmaking art earned F.P.Journe the world’s most prestigious horological awards.

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