Christophe Claret

In watchmaking everything has already been done yet everything has to be invented.

Since 1989, Christophe Claret has worked surrounded by the Neuchâtel mountains, where the heart of Swiss watchmaking beats strongest; where all the skills that combine to create an exceptional timepiece can be found. 

The watchmaker takes his inspiration from others univers than horology (Magic, nature, antiques, automobile) to create exceptional and surprising creations. His watches are at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, offering new forms of expression for the most classic of grand complications. Sometimes playful, often spectacular, the timepieces are infused with the emotion of discovery, discipline and intuition that turn a watchmaker into an artist.


The Magic of Creativity


Christophe Claret boasts a unique expertise that pushes back the boundaries of possibility. This expertise, is crystallized into four lines of timepieces: The Traditional Complications collection features unique pieces and exceptional models that reinvent time measurement; the Extreme Complications collection is dedicated to creations as audacious as they are unconventional; while the Interactive Gaming Complications collection serves to remind us that time can also be recreational; the Ladies’ Complications collection where Haute Horlogerie comes in a feminine form.

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