Armin Strom

Driven by a fascination for transparent mechanics, we believe that horological craftsmanship should never be hidden behind a dial. That’s why each time you check the time on an Armin Strom watch, you will also rediscover the movement’s depth.

We are passionate about improvement and innovation: rethinking watchmaking ideas, translating them into original mechanical forms in our manufactory, making them both visible and tangible. This defines our watches. They reveal the function, the beauty and the sophistication of moving mechanics and let the observer share our passion for the transparent mechanics of time. Our watches tell stories about the evolution of the art of horology.


We cultivate attention to detail and believe in watchmaking evolution.


Armin Strom is also one of the few in watchmaking history to create series-produced resonance watches. In 2019, the Minute Repeater Resonance became the first-ever resonance chiming watch.

Opened in 2009, the manufacture located in Biel, Switzerland has developed 13 exclusive calibres and produces all of its timepieces in-house, with great reverence for the Swiss-German watchmaking tradition. An extraordinary team of dedicated engineers and artisans, led by Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler, uphold that tradition with uncompromising passion and commitment.

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