Horology Forum

Horology Forum Moves New York

Horology Forum Moves New York

  • Aldis Hodge
    Aldis Hodge
  • Hind Seddiqi
    Hind Seddiqi
  • Tirath Kamdar
    Tirath Kamdar
  • Sarah Bahman
    Sarah Bahman
Made in America

Made in America

  • Aldis Hodge
    Aldis Hodge
  • Eric Wind
    Eric Wind
  • Cara Barrett
    Cara Barrett
  • Brandon Little
    Brandon Little
The People vs. Luxury

The People vs. Luxury

  • Mark Cho
    Mark Cho
  • Rebecca Ross
    Rebecca Ross
  • Jian DeLeon
    Jian DeLeon
  • Gabe Reilly
    Gabe Reilly
ClickClock: Do a Double Take

ClickClock: Do a Double Take

  • Fiona Krüger
    Fiona Krüger
  • Barbara Palumbo
    Barbara Palumbo
  • Tim Mosso
    Tim Mosso
NFT Flip: heads, tails, edge

NFT Flip: heads, tails, edge

  • Mojdeh Cutter
    Mojdeh Cutter
  • Brian Govberg
    Brian Govberg
  • Christopher Sealey
    Christopher Sealey
  • Nicholas Courdy
    Nicholas Courdy
ClickClock: Do or Do Not Resuscitate?

ClickClock: Do or Do Not Resuscitate?

  • Barbara Palumbo
    Barbara Palumbo
  • Jonathan Ferrer
    Jonathan Ferrer
  • Bertrand Meylan
    Bertrand Meylan

Horology Forum Moves New York!

Integrating Watchmaking, Fashion and Culture.

The traveling edition of Horology Forum returned on 24-25 September 2022. The event comprised the below activities:

Panels: discussions about important topics affecting the luxury and watch world.

Debates: 2 watch insiders go head to head debating age old questions.

Masterclasses: hands on activities or talks led by pioneers in the industry.

The full panels & debates will air on our page on October, 2022. 

Find Us
875 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014
Horology Forum 2022 Location

Christie's Bespoke Exhibition: A Trifecta of Luxury

Christie's curated a bespoke exhibition presenting a collection of rare watches, handbags and sneakers. The triumvirate of luxury, visitors observed the collectible items up close and personal that have global resonance from marques such as Patek Philippe, FP Journe, Hermes, Audemars Piguet and Air Jordan.

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About Horology Forum

An original concept created by Dubai Watch Week, the Horology Forum is an intellectual space comprised of free-flowing discussions between master craftsmen, captains of industries, visionaries and seasoned collectors. The pioneer of panel-led discussions within the watch industry, the Horology Forum gathers renowned leaders from their respective fields to interact in panels positioned to enlighten audiences and participants with their coveted insights and diverse opinions whilst dissecting the topic in question. The criteria when selecting participants sets the Horology Forum apart in that they branch out across industries not necessarily tied to the world of horology. The common thread holding participants together is the level of passion and commitment to excellence shared.

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