Abdullah Lutfi

Abdulla Lutfi is a genius on the spectrum. An autistic savant. Multilayered. Multi-versed.
Over the last 12 years Abdulla has developed his signature monochromatic language on canvas that is inclusive, intuitive, and playful. Multilayered, his bold and even strokes are a combination of precise dexterity, intense concentration and intelligent balance that is never left to chance.
Abdulla's detailed renderings draw the audience into a multiverse where several stories are recounted organically on the same canvas. As an artist and an amusing storyteller, he invites the aesthete and the critic to uncover layered narratives that often juxtapose people of the U.A.E. and the splendid superlative skylines of the country. His canvases are insightful documentations and transparent reflections of his views of everyday life in the U.A.E. often exaggerated by his wit and sharp sense of humor.
Despite his young age, Abdulla is an extremely accomplished artist. Drawing in people from varying backgrounds, his solo exhibitions have been sold out. Throughout his years as an artist, he has had several commissions from hotels, banks, and even has his art on display at the Dubai International Airport. Etihad airlines, Emirates airlines, Converse, Crate&Barrel, ALLSAINTS, Sephora, Barakat Juice, Grandiose, Colgate, Emarat, Shein are just a few brands from the many to name that Abdulla has collaborated with. His art was displayed on World Autism Awareness Day in the Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion as part of an Expo 2020 project. Abdulla strives to be an active member of society and uses his art to better the people around him. These efforts extend from leading speed-drawing workshops to giving demonstrations at schools and corporate events. His most recent workshop being at Apple, Abu Dhabi. Abdulla has been featured in “This is Our Time
ونقذتا اه - Expo 2020 Dubai Official Theme Song” and Etihad’s U.A.E.’s golden jubilee year celebration campaign. He represented the U.A.E. at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2022 at Washington DC then at Tokyo UAE Embassy in Japan and recently at The Autism Speaks, Los Angeles. Abdulla launched his maiden NFT collection “Khalli Walli” that has been received by wider audience across the world. He was awarded the First place winner in the Institut Français des Emirats arabes unis and JCDecaux #ArtportChallenge think!, Pride of UAE Award, HSBC – 75 Faces of UAE, Listen to the Autism Beat 2015 Exceptional Artist Award, Magzoid Emerging Art Icon 2023 Best Artist of Determination and has won the Bronze medal at the 2019 Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi for Bowling. A.L. as he is known in the art world continues to grow as a person and as a gifted artist. He continues to peer tutor his fellow artists, exhibit in various media styles and expand his repertoire of talent.
A proud Emirati at heart, Abdulla admires the leaders of the U.A.E. and their many initiatives to make this nation one of the most inclusive in the world. As an advocate for the people of determination, he has armed himself with a mission to enable special needs artists to find and share their unique voice and style in art so they too can be seen, heard, loved and accepted in the same manner that he has. In his colour-filled world, Abdulla Lutfi relentlessly aspires to raise awareness and promote inclusion for the people of determination every day … in black and white.

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