Luc Pettavino

The acts of altruism, compassion and empathy seem to accelerate. They are a reason for optimism. They speak to humanity’s enduring emotional intelligence, have the power to positively shape our lives, and can be applied in a sustainable way to help each other and the planet. 

Luc Pettavino has created and organizes ONLY WATCH since 2005. The 9th edition was again an incredible success and is one concrete example that, 

- with a gentle, human touch,

- an easy to understand motto: « create beauty to do good »,

- a clear goal: «progress with patience and determination towards therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy »,

- an ethical and identical approach with each member of the OW community,

- organizational costs topping 1 to 2% maximum of the result,

Luc Pettavino demonstrates with a large group of friends of the watch industry around him that we can achieve incredibly beautiful things, raise considerable amounts of money, and make friends, making it a way of life.

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