Barbara Palumbo

Barbara Palumbo is a freelance writer, editor, speaker and all-around industry personality who started her career in jewelry and watches in 1996 and has since gone on to write for publications such as Revolution Magazine, Modern Luxury, WatchUSeek, Luxury Daily, Upscale Living and others. Her two humor-based blogs ( and earned her back-to-back nominations in the category of Excellence in Editorial Media by the Women’s Jewelry Association, and alongside her own podcast titled, “The Barb Wire” she can also be found guest co-hosting the occasional Scottish Watches podcast. 

Ms. Palumbo is recognized mostly for bringing a lighthearted, humorous and yet honest approach to horology while also focusing on women who have made a major impact in the watch industry throughout its existence. Her current regular column for Revolution Magazine highlights women collectors from around the world. 

She currently lives in Atlanta with her two children. 

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