Christine Hutter

Christine Hutter successfuly graduated as a watchmaker in 1989. Just like Moritz Grossmann in the past, she is fascinated by the timeless beauty of mechanical watches. Contrary to the prevailing zeitgeist, she focused on exquisite historic timepieces, learning to understand, love, and restore them. While working for renowned watch manufacturers in Glashütte and Switzerland, Christine Hutter accrued precious experience in marketing, developing new distribution channels and discovering the heritage of Moritz Grossmann – the eminent watchmaker and founder of the German watchmaking school (1878).

Inspired by his visionary ideas, Christine Hutter secured the brand rights with the help of her family and forged numerous contacts with discerning collectors in Switzerland. At the same time, plans matured to revive the spirit of Moritz Grossmann with her own manufactory. On 11 November 2008, Christine Hutter founded Grossmann Uhren GmbH in Glashütte and continues Moritz Grossmann's legacy by manufacturing the finest mechanical timepieces.

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