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Jean-Marc Wiederrecht

Independent watchmaker since 1978, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht inventiveness and innovative models left their mark on the watch industry.  In the early days, his activity was oriented towards movement's completion and assembly for several Geneva brands.  In filing skeleton extra thin Piquet's movements by hand, JMW tested the material's limit, a precious experience for his future developments.

His first watchmaking complication is a Moon Phase on extra thin movement.  Since the1990's JMW develops numerous retrograde complications starting a craze for that type of display.  He launches the first bi-retrograde perpetual calendar for Harry Winston.

In 1996, he establishes, together with his wife Catherine, the society Agenhor SA. In 2005 their elder son, Nicolas, joins the company.  That same year Agenhor realizes the Quantième des Saisons for Van Cleef & Arpels' 100th anniversary, the first of a long list of poetic watches for this famous Parisian jeweler.

In 2009 Agenhor, with its 28 employees, gets settled in the Geneva countryside, in a building specially devised for the watchmaking activity, which boosts its creativity. 

In 2011 their second son, Laurent, joins the family business, in particular the movement's development and conception department.  The succession is now settled.

In 2012 Agenhor started to produce its first complete movements, including the Van Cleef & Arpels' “Poetic Wish”, the “Heure d'ici et Heure d'ailleurs”, the Fabergé's Lady Compliquée “Peacock”, Visionnaire DTZ , “Lady Levity and Libertine”.