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Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani

Born in Naples in 1971, Fabrizo Buonamassa Stigliani studied Industrial Design at the “Istituto Superiore Industrie Artistiche” in Rome. 

During that time he explored the cultural roots of Italian Design, and learned how to look beyond the aesthetics of individual objects, such as a car, a watch or a chair, in order to consider the project in its entirety, appreciating the value of the single parts which together form the final piece.

He began his career at the Centro Stile Fiat in Turin, invited by Fiat's Design Director to work on his graduation thesis during a 6 month stage, after which he was offered a full time position on the very day of his birthday, December 21st 1998.

During the years he spent in Turin, his first experience in industry, he learned to manage projects which were highly complex both in terms of style and manufacturing.

In 2001, driven by the desire to face new challenges and by his lifelong passion for watches, he sent some of his designs to the Bulgari Design Center in Rome. A short time later Paolo Bulgari, CEO and creative driver of the brand, invited Fabrizio to Rome to join the watch design team. 

In Fabrizio's eyes the world of cars and watches share similar attraction and emotions: “The shape of a vehicle must suggest its use, its performance, and in some case a dream; watches have the same goals but with the added, perhaps harder, challenge of fitting all this in a space 40mm across”. 

He shares a love of fine cars with Paolo and Nicola Bulgari, with whom from the start he has enjoyed a friendly rapport, imbued with respect.  This culminated in 2007 when they nominated him Director of the Bulgari Watches Design Center, where his mission is to constantly reinterpret Bulgari's rich stylistic and cultural heritage in a contemporary language in tune with the brand's DNA. 

In 2011, in agreement with the company, Fabrizio decided to move the Design Center to Neuchâtel in order to be closer to the heart of watchmaking. This move was necessary to better manage the high level of complexity of the intricate watches that Bulgari has been producing for several years.

Married in 2006, with two children, he shares his love for design with his wife.