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Ariel Adams

When Ariel Adams began aBlogtoWatch in 2007 no one realized it would quickly become the world’s most popular online watch magazine. In addition to reaching over 1,000,000 aBlogtoWatch channel audience members a month, Ariel Adams is also an internationally referenced authority on timepieces and typically referred to as the most versatile watch experts of today. Ariel Adams regularly shares his opinions and knowledge of the watch world with major news publications and influencers around the globe, always striving to help overcome the challenges the watch industry faces, while educating everyone he can on the merits, appeal, and beauty of a fine timepiece. Ariel Adams is also the author of the book The World’s Most Expensive Watches, and has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, International New York Times, BBC News, and other print, audio, and visual media. Ariel Adams spends a great deal of time visiting important cities to observe current developments in the watch industry as well studying how changing consumer tastes and economic or political conditions effect the market for all types of timepieces. Ariel Adams’ greater goal is to empower consumers in their efforts to intelligently appreciate and acquire great watches.