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Alexander Friedman

Alexander Friedman

From Italian origins, Alexander was born and raised in Switzerland. He inherited a longstanding passion for watchmaking by his father and soon started collecting timepieces.

After having granted experience in private banking and in the renewable energy business, he wished to make a change in his professional life and decided to launch a new venture related with his passion.

In 2009, he co-founds the Swiss based online magazine Watchonista.com publishing daily exclusive content from top worldwide watch experts. After 6 years, Watchonista collaborates with more than 50 watch brands. He leads the sales and the communication departments.

In 2014 he successfully launches The Watches Network, a specialized digital agency providing exclusive services to watch manufactures such as strategy, social media management, creation of exclusive content and online PR. As per today, the agency counts more than 20 top brands in its client portfolio.

His strategic location in Lausanne - Switzerland allows him and his Team to be very close to the watchmaking world and so to better understand the needs of every different brand.