16th - 20th November, 2017 | Where the world unites for a moment in time

What makes the value of a watch?


From the complicated inner mechanical workings to the brand name inscribed on the watch, there is a multitude of factors that can determine a watch’s value. Experts on this panel are expected to take the audience into the inner workings of mechanical watchmaking and educate them on the intricate process involved in assembling all of the many parts of a watch that will make up its ultimate value. From the man hours spent assembling a complicated movement, to the precious metals or jewels used to house it or the number of limited pieces, this talk is designed to help collectors understand exactly why some watches are considered so valuable. In addition, the panel will also discuss the reasons why some historic timepieces are so coveted at auction and how they are value by experts before going under the hammer. Join us as we listen to industry experts as they reveal the ways in which a timepiece can be considered valuable. 

Moderated By

  • Ian Skellern

    Technical Editor, Quill & Pad

Confirmed Speakers

  • Stephen Forsey

    Co-Founder - Greubel Forsey

  • Nicholas Biebuyck

    Senior Specialist – Watches, Christie’s Hong Kong

  • Giulio Papi

    Director of Research and Development Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi

  • Claude Sfeir

    Claude Sfeir

    Jewelry & watch collector