16th - 20th November, 2017 | Where the world unites for a moment in time

It’s Complicated

The complication of a watch is as important to owners and collectors as its design. This panel will feature a number of talented personalities who will discuss the significance of various complications. Topic discussions can cover the evolution of complications, putting each one into context and examining why the popularity of complicated watches has steadily developed since the quartz crisis of the 80s. From chronographs, to fly-backs, minute-repeaters to moon phase, this panel will elaborate on the skills required to assemble complications and explore why some of the more ‘simple’ assemblies are just as challenging as the complex ones. Speakers are also invited to take a light-hearted look at what makes certain people choose a certain type of complication (i.e. what does your complication say about your personality). 

Moderated By

  • Marc-André Deschoux

    Founder, Watches TV

Confirmed Speakers

  • François Paul Journe

    Founder F.P. Journe - Master Watchmaker Constructor

  • Stephen McDonnell

    Independent movement designer and prototypist

  • Philippe Dufour

    Independent watchmaker

  • Claude Sfeir

    Claude Sfeir

    Jewelry & watch collector