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Time for Art

In collaboration with Christie’s Dubai, the Dubai Watch Week in association with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is pleased to announce an artistic endeavor that promotes regional talent. Dubai Watch Week has commissioned UAE artist, AbdulQader Al Rais, to create a number of art pieces that will be auctioned during the Christies art week in October this year. Focusing on the theme of “creative collaboration” Abdulqader Al Rais will be using watch components and parts from various timepieces to develop the commissioned works.The most important and highly celebrated artist of the UAE, Abdul Qader Al Rais, at the age of 14 has achieved wonders in painting and was well received in Kuwait where he resided as a student. He was awarded first honour as a young artist for his artwork, which was inspired by the movie “Agony & the Ecstasy,” and signalled the beginning of his extraordinary life in art. Abdul Qader’s incessant pencil and watercolour sketches clearly defined his role in life as an artist. He was a perfectionist who laboured to get the right colours, studied different techniques and applied that knowledge to successive paintings.

Largely self-taught, his interest in old local architecture gems and nature are depicted in romantic realism. His early work explores local scenery, coastlines and idyllic landscape in the UAE. They are essentially realist but it is an extraordinary realism distilled by an exacting eye and a mystical imagination that gives his works much of its power. Not only does he capture the place, but also the sense of time, in a medium that is most expressive, appealing and challenging – watercolour. These early works have led to continued success, winning awards after awards and have garnered the attention of national and international media. Abdul Qader Al Rais has become a household name in the GCC world of fine arts.